We are a company that has been working hard to bring you the best productivity-enhancing products whether is it is through our automation in secondary packaging or through our path-breaking Efficiency Improvement Solutions.

Our partner companies have been supplying packaging machines, now, in addition, we have a system to help you monitor and improve the productivity on a real-time basis on your Mobile or Laptop. In short, we make your line and machine talk to you directly!

We believe in collaboration with other solution providers in packaging. We welcome those who provide Packaging Equipment to use our system in their machines and lines and make the Line intelligent.

Whether you need to trace your Raw Material to your production Batch or monitor and improve the Productivity, contact us!

Efficiency Improvement Solutions

We make each machine/line intelligent to Talk to you directly

  • Providing Invisible supervision on each machine
  • Locating and recording bottlenecks your lines & production shop floors
  • Easy to read Dashboard on Mobile & Laptop on Real-time basis
  • To Automatically alert the authorized person to help
  • Monitor power Cost per unit product on a shift basis

Once you have the data, you can then reduce the wastage ( even Eliminate)
of time and thus improve the efficiency of the line.

Packaging Automation

Increasing accumulation between lines without increasing the length

  • Tracebility of Raw material in the batch
  • Lab samples tracking
  • Lab samples tracking Line efficiencies using palletizers/case packer/ bundling machines